Maine Martial Arts Videos

February 28, 2015

Congrats to Michelle Perusse on her first creative demo. Michelle has been training with us for about a year, and you’ll be able to tell from her video why we call her “Bulldog!”

November 12, 2014

While I was watching Alexis work on her Brown Belt demo I had a great idea!!!  She was performing a sacrifice throw on Noah and I thought “Heck, that would look great in slow motion!!”.  After a couple of takes we got it and I think you’ll agree, it’s quite impressive.



November 14, 2014

Fall Demo 2014:  Black Belt demos come around pretty infrequently.  Our Fall Demo happened to have two!!  In addition to these two great demos we had some stellar creative demos from some of our lower belts.  See for yourself:







Here is a Blast from Past – Mr. Mark White’s Shodan Demo


December 11, 2014

Discovery Martial Arts hosted the team from 19 Oaks Marketing in a Team Building/Self Defense Seminar tailored to what was concerning them.  Check out the video to see all the fun below:

Here is one of the coolest nights I’ve ever seen at the Dojo.  Three Black Belts in one night!!


Michelle “Bulldog” Perusse’s Blue/White Demo on February 27, 2015

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