Unconventional Techniques

 Nov, 09 - 2014   GeneralSelf Defenseweapons

It is always amazing when a martial artist or fighter is able to come up with something relatively “out of the box” in high pressure situations. I think many people have seen the following example:

I am myself partial to the flying scissor with heel hook… not because it is flashy, but man can the unconventional be effective when used properly! No one saw this particular match going the way it did, I believe.

There are many times in fighting and self defense when lack of convention and resourcefulness marry. One thing I have always appreciated about ninjitsu was the focus on winning and the need for resourcefulness. That’s one of the reasons why we train in a comprehensive manner with a variety of tools and methods. Take for example, the kusari rope:

kusari_fundoIn our advanced self protection classes, our students get the opportunity to train with kusari, studying various binding and choking methods, along other techniques. When you realize that kusari are meant to simulate flexible weapons like shirts, belts, and towels, it opens up your options as far as what tools may be available for self defense.

We live in the real world and can’t walk around with nunchaku stuffed down our pants like we live in a Bruce Lee movie. It makes sense to study self defense with tools that easily apply to common implements in our environment. Sometimes we may have to make the less conventional choice, and luckily we can succeed if our training supports this!

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