We just finished our annual spring training event, and to put it short, we had a blast! There’s nothing quite like a full weekend of exemplary martial arts practice. The ninjutsu community is a wonderful, positive group of people, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my weekend any other way. Buyukai (formerly the Discovery […]

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Dr. Boyack came to ninjutsu with a goal to learn some basic self defense for a few months. She fell in love with the depth and intelligence of the art, and has been practicing it now for more than 15 years!! She earned her Sandan belt (3rd degree blackbelt) in 2010 and continues to be […]

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Months ago I saw a video on-line that talked about the virtues of disconnecting from the always connected world we live in (ironic).  However, it resonated with me (other too, at the time I’m writing this it has over 47 million view). Over the past number of years, talking to the person right next to […]

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For the past decade and a half, the question I most commonly receive is “Why do you train?”  My answer has changed over the years as I’ve evolved in the art.  At first I would say “It’s a great workout,” “I get to train with a great group of people,” or “I’ve always wanted a […]

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Back in November we were approached by 19 Oaks Marketing President, Shay Bellas.  19 Oaks Marketing is in the “Old Port” section of Portland, Maine.  It is a beautiful part of the city but it also happens to be the most densely populated.  Over the recent months, there had been a couple of occasions where Shay […]

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