The Winter Ninja

 Nov, 18 - 2014   GeneralNews and Updates

As we start to get into the winter season here in Maine, I wanted to remind everyone of our policy when it comes to closing the dojo.  We will try our very best to stay open unless we deem it too unsafe for instructors and students to come in.  Notifications will be posted on the website and Facebook.

Also, when ice does build up on the roof of our facility, it can occasionally slide off into the parking lot! We recommend parking a few to several feet away from the wall of the building during winter to avoid a potential accident.

Also, use YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT.  If you don’t feel comfortable coming in and the dojo is open, then take the night off and watch some of our YouTube videos.  We want everyone safe……missing one night of training to ensure that is a worthy sacrifice!

Happy Winter


FYI:  This is what I’ll be doing on those days




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