Thanks to Cumberland’s Girl Scouts!

 Nov, 13 - 2014   KidsSelf Defense

Mark and I had a great opportunity on Sunday to work with the girls of Cumberland’s scouting troop. We had a real blast!

Their leader, Chris, contacted us, saying that the girls were interested in trying something like martial arts or self defense. Being a former Eagle Scout and having all the girls in family being a part of scouting as well, we were happy to work with them.

Proper self defense training is important for girls and young women, and not for just the reason’s you would think.

There are a lot of unfortunate stories in the media involving girls and young women being victimized via emotional, physical, and sexual abuse on high school and college campuses. Statistics from the Dept. of Justice are especially concerning regarding violence towards women from their intimate partners. Other sources cite evidence concerning the low rate of reporting of assaults. You can find more information regarding some of the statistics concerning violence towards women from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) here.

We had the opportunity to work with these young women this weekend, and they really did an excellent job picking up the material. Mark’s two hour seminar focused on the importance of an anti-victim mindset, and helped the girls train in some common assault scenarios (a lot of grabs and some groundwork). In the space of 2 hours, this group went from being giggly and unsure to loud and aggressive! Using some of the basic techniques taught in our core self defense class, this troop was able to take fully grown men and put us on our backs!

Thanks again for the great seminar!

Girl Scouts 11_9_14

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