Let’s talk about self defense. No matter who you are or what you do, conflicts will appear in your life. Oftentimes they can be pretty mundane. We all know the challenge of navigating disagreements with friends, family co-workers… The list goes on. Navigating around conflict is something you will be forced to do very often […]

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I’ve mentioned before how martial arts inspires and fosters healthier lifestyles. One of the biggest things that happens with new students is they start classes, and after working on rolls, throws, strikings, and generally experience the higher activity level we provide, they start seeing a need to improve their fitness. As a note, I want […]

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Months ago I saw a video on-line that talked about the virtues of disconnecting from the always connected world we live in (ironic).  However, it resonated with me (other too, at the time I’m writing this it has over 47 million view). Over the past number of years, talking to the person right next to […]

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Our annual gathering “BuyuKai” (formerly Discovery) will take place the Best Western in South Portland Maine (same place) on March 28th & 29th!! As always, this is a weekend spent learning from incredible instructors (lead by Hanshi Poliquin) while re-connecting with old friends and making new ones.  Many of the instructors can only be seen […]

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This last couple of months at Discovery have had us get to meet a lot of new students. We of course are excited to see the school grow, but the majority of our excitement is in getting to share a martial art that we love. That’s the best part of teaching for me, and I […]

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