Should my young child train?

I speak with a lot of parents who are interested in getting their child or children into martial arts training. When I ask what interested a parent in their child’s training I hear a few things very frequently: “My child needs to get better with paying attention,” or “My son/daughter needs the discipline in training,” for example. These are many variations on what is essentially “behavior skills”; listening to directions, staying focused, social awareness, and many more. Many parents also want to see their young children develop solid movement skills, like coordination or balance.

They then enroll their kids in martial arts. What a great decision!

LN pads

As all parents get to know pretty quickly, young kids learn many important skills through playing! We focus on creating the kind of structure in our classes that lets young kids have fun and explore their movement in a safe and guided environment. This approach gets our students excited and enthusiastic about learning the skills parents are looking for. We use everything from guided games to padwork, obstacle courses, and much, much more. The self esteem we watch our kids develop as they progress from our Little Ninja to Youth classes is always great to be a part of.

Interested in starting your young child in training? We want you to see if classes at Discovery are a match for you and your son or daughter. Check out our Little Ninja class and see how you can start your child with a 10 class trial and free uniform!