Let’s talk about self defense. No matter who you are or what you do, conflicts will appear in your life. Oftentimes they can be pretty mundane. We all know the challenge of navigating disagreements with friends, family co-workers… The list goes on. Navigating around conflict is something you will be forced to do very often […]

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Back in November we were approached by 19 Oaks Marketing President, Shay Bellas.  19 Oaks Marketing is in the “Old Port” section of Portland, Maine.  It is a beautiful part of the city but it also happens to be the most densely populated.  Over the recent months, there had been a couple of occasions where Shay […]

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A few weeks ago, Discovery hosted demonstrations and promotions. We had two of our black belt prospects, Nick Morin and Dan DeRoche undergo a difficult demonstration of their skills; dealing with three knife attackers using random attacks, and they had to remain unarmed. Check out the below video, and remember, none of this was rehearsed! They […]

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We have had the opportunity this week to get a chance to work with two new students. One of them is very experienced in multiple martial arts, and the other is the opposite: someone who has always wanted to try martial arts and made the decision to pull the trigger and try it out. They […]

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