Randori & Free Response Period Classes

Randori class focuses on giving students an opportunity to practice curriculum techniques and concepts in a way that helps them develop real time decision making and martial ability.

This is an all levels class that uses a variety of cooperative and non cooperative drills to allow students to experience the reality of self defense situations. Students will face many challenges that are tailored to their ability level. Some examples are:

  • Multiple attacker/threat scenarios
  • Flow drills to develop ground movement
  • Reaction drills (slipping punches, decision making)
  • Throw response training
  • Knife fighting drills
  • Striking only, ground only, and fully mixed contact sparring (optional)

While sparring is optional, those interested in contact sparring will need to own a mouthguard, sparring gloves 8oz. or larger, and shin guards.

This class is currently open to adults of all levels.