Maine Martial Arts Photos

    Buyukai 2015

    Some photos from our annual Buyukai training event

    Adult Core Self Defense

    New students will join the core self defense class, getting a chance to learn fundamental self defense skills! Students will learn important striking, throwing, and groundfighting techniques to deal with real situations!

    Little Ninja

    Kids aged 3 and up have a lot of fun in our Little Ninja program. Focusing on coordination, exercise, and social skill development, this program provides a great opportunity for our students to bloom into happy and fit young people.

    Girl Scouts Troop 106 Self Defense Seminar

    This women's self defense seminar was hosted for the young women of Girl Scout Troop 106 out of Cumberland/North Yarmouth. They displayed real tenacity and willingness to learn as they confronted some intense self defense situations.

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