In the faraway era of 1992, I was in first grade. Like many young boys at the time, I ate and breathed Saturday morning cartoons: Transformers, He-Man, and of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If Michael Bay is doing a reboot of it, chances are I probably loved it as a kid. Of course, […]

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Fighting a larger and stronger opponent is a tall order! Luckily, we have Alexis Bellas! Alexis has been a student who has gone through our youth program, and has entered into our adult martial arts program. She just performed for her brown belt, and it’s worth seeing the techniques she uses to deal with much […]

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Mark and I had a great opportunity on Sunday to work with the girls of Cumberland’s scouting troop. We had a real blast! Their leader, Chris, contacted us, saying that the girls were interested in trying something like martial arts or self defense. Being a former Eagle Scout and having all the girls in family […]

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Perhaps you have heard of Leah Still. She is the daughter of Devon Still, a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals. Leah was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer growth in her abdomen at only 4 years of age. Since June, she has been undergoing chemotherapy, and is now hitting the point of health where […]

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Should my young child train?

 Oct, 22 - 2014   Kids

I speak with a lot of parents who are interested in getting their child or children into martial arts training. When I ask what interested a parent in their child’s training I hear a few things very frequently: “My child needs to get better with paying attention,” or “My son/daughter needs the discipline in training,” […]

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