Fitness 101 Classes

Fitness 101 was designed by Discovery and certified trainer Heather Roberts to be a perfect “intro to fitness” class that would be fun but challenging. We didn’t want a class for the hardcore athlete but something for the person who is looking to get back into a pattern of regular exercise. The classes were designed to be non-intimidating (there will be no complex weight work) and fun (the class will be different from one week to the next….no rut).

Classes will be taught be Heather (bio below) on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:30pm at Discovery.  The first class with be on June 16th and will run for 4 weeks at first with the potential of a permenant schedule slot in the future.  There are changing rooms on site.

Fitness 101 is open to everyone!!  It will be a Free Class that is open to the public (donations will be accepted).  You do NOT have to be a student of Discovery to attend this class.  This is AN INCREDIBLE opportunity to come get a workout and pick the brain of a certified trainer (“what about my diet?”, “I have this bad knee, what could I do”, etc, etc).

We are looking forward to seeing you take advantage of this opportunity.  Below is a brief bio of Heather:

Heather is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified Kettlebell instructor. She believes physical fitness and healthy habits increase a sense of self awareness and empowerment. Heather designs programs which are individualized and reflect on the wellness of mind, body and spirit. Heather understands that taking the first step into a new fitness routine can sometimes be daunting or intimidating.  Heather’s top priority is to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Heather resides in Windham with her husband and two children. She has numerous four- legged family members and enjoys running, yoga, participating in obstacle course races and spending time with family.

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