Discovery Self Defense – Girl Scouts and Mean Guys

 Nov, 25 - 2014   GeneralKidsNinjitsuPhilosophy

A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of doing a two hour self defense seminar with a local Girl Scout troop.  We always immensely enjoy these special sessions and pride ourselves in tailoring them for our audience, this was no exception.

Our goal in these short sessions is to give practical techniques and situations that leave the attendees empowered and confident.  Check out our article called “10 Seconds That Matter” to get a taste of the philosophy we use in these sessions.

As always we ask for feedback to see what went right or wrong in order to better ourselves.  The response we got from the troop leaders really “moved” us.  Here are some of the excepts from that feedback:

“Honestly we didn’t really give a whole lot of consideration to the way the class would be taught. I think we were thinking there would be one instructor and the girls would practice on each other. We were surprised to see the “attackers” when we arrived.. but I think it was good for the girls to not know. The element of surprise!!  It made it very real, very quickly. I don’t think the girls would have learned as much if they didn’t have the “attackers”.  Topics covered in terms of their safety, awareness, etc were very helpful. It’s real life. They have been together for a long time.. so they are comfortable and confident in front of each other. I loved how they ended up cheering each other on and encouraging one another.  I thought it was great that the instructors were real with them.. telling them to fight or tossing them to the ground..telling them how many seconds they have to get away before it affects them for life.. that’s effective!!

we felt as though the kids rose to the challenge, took it seriously, and learned a lot.  Neither of us was prepared for the emotional response we had to the class. In the ten years that they’ve been together as a Troop, I think this ranks as one of the best experiences we’ve ever had with them. We are an active troop. We do try to give them opportunities to do things that they may not get to have otherwise.. and this was a very valuable lesson…one we hope they never have to use.  The girls had some great conversation on the way home from the class.. and it’s come up in conversation a lot here in the last week. I think it’s made a big impact on all of us.”







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