Discovery Martial Arts – Old Port Safety with 19 Oaks Marketing

Back in November we were approached by 19 Oaks Marketing President, Shay Bellas.  19 Oaks Marketing is in the “Old Port” section of Portland, Maine.  It is a beautiful part of the city but it also happens to be the most densely populated.  Over the recent months, there had been a couple of occasions where Shay and her staff were left feeling pretty “uncomfortable.”

“It was after 5:00 and the door to the elevator opened.  A guy in a hoodie came into the office, looked around, and left……really sketchy, REALLY scary.”courtesy-lawenforcementtoday.com_

“We have folks that live up on the West End of town.  A couple of them are young, pretty ladies and they walk home at night in the dark.”


First of all, I want to commend Shay for caring about her staff the way she does…….everyone should be lucky enough to have a boss like that!!!

After talking, we decided Discovery Martial Arts needed to host a team building and self defense workshop.  As always, we tailor all of our sessions to address the situation that most concerns the participants.  This was no exception.  We focused on surprise attacks and encounters that could happen in confined spaces (like an elevator).

We had a blast training (we always do)!!  We invited some of our students to come and help out, which they gladly did.  By the end of the session we had Shay’s group defending themselves in multiple scenarios from our “attackers.”  (Side note: One of the young, pretty ladies actually hit a 6’3″ 245 lb. “attacker” so hard that the sound of it made me turn around….and I saw him on the ground, shaking his head…nice work Georgia!!)

Again, I want to commend Shay and 19 Oaks Marketing for taking the initiative to keep their staff personally safe.  I also want to say thank you for the opportunity to let us help.  Check out the video below for some highlights of the event.


Discovery Martial Arts continually hosts events like this for groups of all sizes.  We have worked with the Girl Scouts, law enforcement, private businesses, and running groups.  In addition, we also work with small groups who want to focus on protection from certain individuals.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


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