Discovery Martial Arts Infiltrates the Mall

 Nov, 27 - 2014   KidsNews and UpdatesNinjitsuTraining Methods

So I was hesitant to write about this because what we did might have been view with a slight bit of distain from some the Mall Security Team but I’m going to for two simple reasons:

  1. It was a GREAT learning experience for our students
  2. We did NOT get caught by Security

So here’s what we did:

We Played Ninja Hide-n-Seek at the Mall


To explain what that is in more detail let me back up for a second.  Part of the Ninjutsu heritage is the aspect of stealth, masking your intention, and taking out your target.  With all the glory that ninjas get, we have to remember that they were used to carry out assassinations and were very good at it.  OBVIOUSLY we are not looking to train anyone to do that, but we thought we would pay respect to that part of our lineage and have a little fun with it at the same time.

The game rules were simple:

  • Meet at the mall at 2:15
  • 1st game (individuals) will run until 3:30.  2nd game (teams) from 4-5
  • No anchor stores, just hallway and side stores
  • Feel free to change your clothes or alter our appearance, need to keep your face visible

The game play was covert, you had toapproach your target and simply tap them on the shoulder and say “gotcha”.  If you were spotted, you had to wait for 5 minutes and get out of eye sight before you could go after that person again.  No running was allowed and if youdid get busted by security, you automatically lose.  You could wear wigs or hats, change your clothes, hide in plain sight, team up with others, or anything else sneaky with general spirit or the game.

To make the game even MORE fun, we included people that our students didn’t know in the game to put our student on guard to there was a feeling of “hunting” and “being hunted” all occurring at the same time….it was a GREAT test of their perception and intention all at the same time.

Again, this turned out be a really fun event for our students (especially our vertically challenged ones who were able to take people “out” quite well) and I would like to thank the mall for letting us run this fun and informative workshop for our students (even though you didn’t know it was happening).  We truly appreciate it.



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