The Little Ninja kids martial arts program is intended for children between the ages of 4 and 7, and features a specially designed curriculum that focuses on developing fundamental movement ability, social skills, basic self defense, awareness, and more.

A variety of physical exercises, games, and guided discussions cultivate and promote respect, motor skills, self protection, and most importantly fun! The slightly shorter half-hour class is perfect for the attention span of the youngest students.

Signing up is easy. Simply visit our Little Ninja enrollment page by clicking the link below!

Little Ninja Enrollment


Frequently asked questions:

Q: “My child has some behavioral problems. Should he/she still train?

A: It’s absolutely worth it. We discuss this in a couple of articles. While not every child is ready for a kids martial arts program, we find that 2 weeks is plenty of time for parents to find out.

Q: “My child is just under the age requirement. Can he/she sign up?

A: The short is answer is maybe. While young children can experience the benefit of this program, they have to be able to do the following: Follow basic instructions, show a degree of focus with adults, and be able to function in a social environment. We don’t really go younger than 3.5 years.

Q: “How often should my child attend?

A: As often as you would like. View our class schedule to see when your child can train. We like to see kids make it in 2 days a week or more, though we have some children who attend once per week. Either way, your child will benefit, it’s just a question of rate of improvement.

Q: “How do you ensure my child’s safety?

A: We are clear to parents early that training at this age isn’t meant to teach a child how to fight. While they will learn basic, fundamental, and safe self defense techniques, we focus more on body movement and behavior mechanics. Our instructors are trained and experienced in coaching and identifying the needs students, so we will manage the class with tailored exercise/drill choices, intelligent partnering, and a strong sense of leadership over the group. Instructions are communicated simply and clearly to ensure that kids receive the right guidance to be safe.

Q: “When does my child qualify for the youth self defense program?

A: Class placement is usually based on age and size, but instructors will discuss changes with students and parents if they think a change would be beneficial. To see what your child is eligible for, email