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At Discovery Martial Arts, we offer numerous class types with a large variety of material for students to master as they journey towards black belt. Our program is terrific for young children, youth, and adults alike! We believe that a great martial arts school should not only deliver effective source material for its students, it should also allow students to learn to use the techniques and concepts in training in a way that works best for them. Because of this, we utilize many forms of training including:

  • Striking (punching, elbows, knees, feet, head, and much more)
  • Grappling techniques (both standing and on the ground) that include multiple large and small joint locks/breaks, chokes, striking, throws, and take-downs
  • Weapon use and defense including knife, 3 foot staff, kusari rope, swords, guns, and more
  • Psychological and emotional techniques for self defense
  • Multiple attacker scenarios
  • Sparring (randori)
  • Padwork and circuit training
  • Movement, balance, and “flow” drills


We respect our traditional roots (the traditional nine lineages of ninjitsu) and it teaches us that adaptation is necessary to be effective. Therefore we promise students that they will be trained in realistic, modern techniques that deal with contemporary attacks. Students can expect a high degree of interaction with one another, and wont be spending a lot of time hitting air or bags! We do occasionally add some of the traditional training in an effort to demonstrate how our techniques have evolved.

Discovery Martial Arts also delivers specialized seminars and programs for it’s students, community organizations and specific populations. View our special events page for a list of upcoming events! If you would like to schedule a specialized event, simply fill out our Event Contact Sheet.

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