Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Come and get a great workout in Cardio Kickboxing! This class will use circuit training, pad and bag combination striking, and others exercises to help students of all ability levels meet their personal fitness goals.

We do have gloves available though it  is recommended that students purchase 12 oz. bag gloves for this class. Cardio Kickboxing is meant for students of any fitness and skill level.

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  • Sarah Gordon says:


    No experience, but interested in your cardio kick boxing class. What is the cost and when are the classes?


    • Zach says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Good news! Cardio Kickbox is a free fitness class, just like our Yoga class. We’d love to have you in! What are your goals?

  • Ed Pooler says:

    Where do you buy the gloves?

    • Zach says:

      You can buy 8oz. size gloves or heavier at local Olympia Sports, and many models are available online. We have some generic gloves for use but it’s always best to have your own eventually.

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