Buyukai Instructor – Kevin Levesque

 Mar, 21 - 2015   News and UpdatesNinjitsuUncategorized

Kevin Levesque is Kyoshi Brett Varnum’s senior student and helpa run the Discovery Institute of Martial Arts in Easton.  He been training in the martial arts for the better part of 20 years, 16 of which have been in ninjutsu.

In his own words: “After four years in other arts, it was nice to find my home!  I hold a Sandan in ninjutsu and a Nidan in To-shin Do, and am an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in two separate disciplines including Personal Defense in the Home.  I’ve taught at various Kevinseminars in the US and Canada, including our annual event in Northern Maine – Shukai.I can ho

nestly say that I’ve met some of the most dynamic, enlightened and fantastic people through this martial arts journey, and it has truly been life-changing experience for me in many ways.  Although I’ve been to every Discovery since it’s inception, I look forward to my first experience teaching at this year’s BuyuKai!”


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