Buyukai Instructor Bio: Brett Varnum and Evan Boyack!

We are pleased to invite Brett Varnum and Evan Boyack as instructors in this year’s Buyukai annual gathering in South Portland! Let’s learn a bit more about who they are.

Brett Varnum:

BrettBrett is the head instructor and owner of the Discovery Institute of Martial Arts in Easton, Maine. His 42 year career in martial arts includes 26 years studying ninjitsu with Hanshi John Poliquin. From Brett: “Our friendship has given me the chance to explore and grow in ways I never expected or even understood to be possible.”  Brett brings a wealth of experience to Buyukai, and is well known for his imposing, effective fighting style and his grace of movement. Brett comments about his teacher and his students: “My development as a martial artist and human being have been aided and enhanced by many others, but my debt to my friend and teacher as a source of learning and inspiration continue to guide my love of helping others along their own path.

Brett also is the head of Discover’s annual “Shukai” event, which runs in the beginning of Autumn. For those students who enjoy practical training outdoors, this event will be a must-attend this fall!

Evan Boyack:

Evan has over 16 years of experience in martial arts and ninjitsu. He is currently a nidan (second degree black belt) in the Discovery Martial Arts Association. Evan brings a unique and practical perspective to Buyukai with a background as a self defense instructor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

One of the things training partners have appreciated about Evan is his friendly, down to earth approach when it comes to training with others. He embodies the spirit of Buyukai by being an enjoyable and approachable partner and instructor with devastating martial capability.

Evan runs two training groups out of Haverhill and Westminster Massachusetts. He is not only a phenomenal martial artist, he is also the proud (albeit nervous) father of three daughters.

We will be releasing more info abut our planned instructors for Buyukai soon!  We have 3 days left for early sign up, so take advantage of our discounted rate! Those of you who have trained with Mr. Varnum and Mr. Boyack, what has your experience been like?