It’s very important we remember that our training is meant to handle difficult and dangerous people and situations. By training with integrity and learning effective techniques to deal with fully resistant attackers, we give ourselves the edge in a real confrontation. Real confrontation and real fights are not clean cut, and give rise to emotions like fear, anger, […]

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Mark and I had a great opportunity on Sunday to work with the girls of Cumberland’s scouting troop. We had a real blast! Their leader, Chris, contacted us, saying that the girls were interested in trying something like martial arts or self defense. Being a former Eagle Scout and having all the girls in family […]

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Every individual is unique. When I teach, I don’t think of myself as teaching a class. I teach people. Every person may need to do a technique just a little differently to make it effective for them. After all, we all come in different sizes and shapes and we have different lives. What we do […]

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Hi everyone, Just a reminder, we ARE open on Tuesday the 11th (Veteran’s day.) If you are up for demos, we recommend coming in as much as possible! Demonstrations and Promotions will be on Fridaythe 14th at 7:00PM. Come support your fellow students who are moving upwards! Our Stealth and Evasion Seminar will be on […]

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Perhaps you have heard of Leah Still. She is the daughter of Devon Still, a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals. Leah was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer growth in her abdomen at only 4 years of age. Since June, she has been undergoing chemotherapy, and is now hitting the point of health where […]

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It is always amazing when a martial artist or fighter is able to come up with something relatively “out of the box” in high pressure situations. I think many people have seen the following example: I am myself partial to the flying scissor with heel hook… not because it is flashy, but man can the […]

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It’s that time of year where we need to kill off our remaining apples! This summer I found an interesting recipe via Jamie Eason: Low Carb Apple-Cinnamon bars! I’ve made 4 batches myself, and I have to say I’m very impressed. Give the following recipe a shot if you’re interested in healthy snacking! I’ve used […]

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Bullshido: The art of teaching ridiculous material in a ridiculous way, rendering it ineffective. In the 70’s and 80s, interest in martial arts exploded. Westerners were exposed to many different martial arts from many cultures. Right around the time the word “karate” began to get really popular, we were being exposed to many different forms. […]

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Real Self Defense

 Nov, 05 - 2014   GeneralSelf Defense

Martial arts for self defense is quite different from competitive martial arts. In competitive, sport martial arts, students practice techniques to be successful within a framework of rules. In real self defense situations, however, we need to be free of those rules and limitations to do what is needed to keep ourselves safe from harm. […]

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 Nov, 04 - 2014   Self Defense

Self defense is an interesting and unique field of study. When asked to picture what self defense is, what do you see? If you are like many, you will envision a martial arts class, personal weaponry, or many other things. Typically, self defense is perceived as a “combative” pursuit. What is often not considered is […]

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