One thing I’ve always appreciated about martial arts culture is the promotion of healthy habits; nutrition, fitness, and personal well being are important things to promote! Over the years, I have received many requests for information concerning health, fitness, and nutrition from students. One of the most common requests I hear relates to people looking […]

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Over the past few months we have been sought out to teach private self-defense sessions for a variety of different groups.  These sessions have been an absolute honor to teach.  Our point in these session have been simple: 10 SECONDS THAT MATTER On the surface it sounds so trivial.  10 Seconds, you’ve already accomplished that  by […]

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Fighting a larger and stronger opponent is a tall order! Luckily, we have Alexis Bellas! Alexis has been a student who has gone through our youth program, and has entered into our adult martial arts program. She just performed for her brown belt, and it’s worth seeing the techniques she uses to deal with much […]

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The Winter Ninja

 Nov, 18 - 2014   GeneralNews and Updates

As we start to get into the winter season here in Maine, I wanted to remind everyone of our policy when it comes to closing the dojo.  We will try our very best to stay open unless we deem it too unsafe for instructors and students to come in.  Notifications will be posted on the […]

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Happy Monday, everyone! We just came off a BLAST of a weekend. Between demonstrations and promotions and our Stealth and Evasion seminar, we had a lot going on! We’ll be updating the video and photo galleries over the next couple of days with demo videos, event photos, and more. Big congratulations to Nick Morin and […]

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