10 Seconds That Matter

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Over the past few months we have been sought out to teach private self-defense sessions for a variety of different groups.  These sessions have been an absolute honor to teach.  Our point in these session have been simple:


On the surface it sounds so trivial.  10 Seconds, you’ve already accomplished that  by clicking on this article and reading this entry so far.  Imagine you are faced with someone who is determined to hurt you, to rape you, or some other horrible crime.  From that first interaction, that first time they grab you, the next 10 seconds of your life are the most important ones you’ll ever experience.


In those 10 seconds, you can freeze or fight.  When I say fight, I mean it in a way most people don’t think they have in them.  In all of the self-defense sessions we’ve ever done, when we ultimately get a person to “fight for their life”, you can see a difference take place in them.  A person they didn’t think they could be emerges.  It’s the most empowering transformation I have ever seen anyone go through in such a short time.

Those 10 seconds can prevent something horrible from happening to you.  So horrible that most people don’t ever fully recover and carry around mental scars for the rest of their life.  Relationships are broken because they cannot trust again.  Medication and bills to your shrink crush your wallet.  All because that first 10 seconds didn’t go well.

To me, learning how to deal with this 10 seconds is something everyone needs to explore.  People say “I’ll do what ever it takes if that happens to me” or “I’ll just rip kick them in the groin”.  I can tell you with absolute honesty that until you have a 250 pound angry person trying to hurt you, that you have NO IDEA how you brain will function – NONE!  It is SO emotionally overwhelming  you cannot process correctly, your brain goes on overload and more times than not you will freeze.  When this happens, those next 10 seconds will change your life in a way you might be able to recover from.

As a fellow human being, I implore everyone at some point in their life to find an hour and go to a self-defense seminar.  It doesn’t have to be with us but I do ask that you make sure whoever it is gets “real” with you.  Don’t settle for a hour of someone showing you where to hit an attacker and some basic responses.  Find a place that puts you under duress and gets your heart racing.  It’s only then that you’ll know what you are really capable of.

I’ve posted an old video that we have for a couple reasons:  it shows what I mean when I talk about the first 10 seconds and it’s fun for me to watch some of our students in their “younger days”.  It originally was a video we put on years ago for women’s self defense seminar.  We currently do tailored sessions for every walk of life and pride ourselves in not making them “cookie cutter” but suited for the person, their environment, and their lifestyle (teaching teenage girls how to defend themselves differs from how you would teach a group of runners – they live different lives and encounter different situations).  Check it out and please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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